Here is a selection of media articles and publications that the team worked on in 2012. Happy reading.

  • Tackling the gap between where people want to die (at home) and current practiceCroakey – the Crikey health blog. D.Horsfall, K. Noonan. Nov 30 2012. Reflecting on the 2012 Australian Senate report on ‘Palliative Care Services in Australia’ and the recent announcement of the NSW Government plan for increasing access to palliative care services.
  • Bringing our dying home: How caring for someone at end of life builds social capital and develops compassionate communities. Available online here: Health Sociology Review Special edition – Culture, Death and Dying with Dignity Vol 21 Issue 4. Publication 2013.
  • Listen here to Simon Wallace on ABC Riverina radio interview Associate Professor Debbie Horsfall about the research. 6 Feb 2013.
  • Through the looking glass: Provoking progression in practice development?  Invited paper submitted to International Practice Development Journal. Under review
  • Developing person centred care through the use of autobiography. International Practice Development Journal. Under review.
  • Identifying changes in the support networks of end of life carers using social network analysis. BMJ Supportive and Palliative Care. Under review.