Reference group

We’d like to introduce you to the people on the Caring at end of life International reference group; a hand-picked selection of people we are excited to be working with in an advisory capacity. Having such knowledge and expertise to tap into is good news for this research.

The group comprises of:

Allan KellehearAdjunct Professor at Dalhousie University in Canada. Allan has long-standing research interests in end of life experiences, public health/health promotion/community development approaches to end of life care and international end of life care policy and practice.
Bruce Rumbold, Director Palliative Care unit at LaTrobe University, Melbourne. The health promoting model employed by the LaTrobe University Palliative Care Unit , with its emphasis on social and spiritual care, is particularly congenial to Bruces’ interests in community development, pastoral care and spirituality.
Yvonne Luxford, CEO Palliative Care Australia. Yvonne Luxford interacts and collaborates with all levels of government, health professionals, service providers and advocacy bodies in an effort to achieve high‐quality health care that is accessible and culturally appropriate.
Gina Svolos, Family Support Manager, Motor Neurone Disease Association of NSWGina manages a service that advocates for and supports people with motor neurone disease to achieve the best possible quality care until the end of life. This includes advocacy and education to health and disability service providers and government agencies. 
Brynnie Goodwill, CEO LifeCircle. Brynnie believes the work of LifeCircle helps bring about sustainable values, restores Elders to their place of respect in society and engages community in the art of living and dying well.
Bev Jordan participated in the preliminary study ‘Bringing our dying home’ along with her family. Bev is a journalist, a Relay for Life team leader and ‘mover and shaker’ in her community.
Lloyd Dawe participated in the preliminary study ‘Bringing our dying home’. Lloyd brings to the group his experiences as end of life carer and long-standing LifeCircle community mentor.
Julian Abel, Consultant in Palliative Care, and Lead Clinician Weston Area Health Trust and Weston Hospice care. Julian has been engaged on a local, regional and national level on the development and implementation of the UK National End of Life Strategy, published in 2008. 
Heather Richardson works as Director of Strategy at St Joseph’s Hospice in East London. She is also the part time National Clinical Lead for Help the Hospices.  Heather is a registered general and mental health nurse and has worked in hospice/palliative care since 1988.
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