We’ve begun!

10 Nov 2011

Well! We’ve begun. The research team have been busy at it these past few months getting ready to talk to carers and their communitites and end of life professionals, and we are about to launch into stage 1 of the research.

Stage 1 is all about talking to the formal service providers that have contact with people caring for a dying person at home in a group gathering.

Service providers will discuss their experience with informal networks, their perception of the nature, role and benefits or problems of informal care networks, and their current and/or potential role in assisting carers to establish and/or maintain informal care networks.

Who are our end of life service providers?

We will be talking with carer/grief and bereavement/disease specific support groups, community volunteering programs such as palliative volunteers, community mentoring, church groups, home based palliative care providers, home care/domestic/respite providers and more.

And it looks like we’ll begin in Western Sydney before the end of 2011!

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