Julian Abel visits with the research team

7 Feb 2012

The research team were recently privileged to meet for two days with visiting Palliative Care consultant Dr Julian Abel and Specialist Palliative Care Nursing manager John Bailey, of Weston HospiceCare in the UK.

Developing alongside a recent national initiative to improve end of life care in the UK, Weston has a strong interest in the communities capacity to care for their dying at home and hope to develop a program that enables their nurses to mentor carers through activating a supportive caring network around them.  They also plan on doing research around social networks at end of life.

So, you can imagine we had a lot to talk about and we came out of the two days with a lot of exciting questions and research possibilities. We talked about Health Promotion and community development in an end of life context and wondered what may be similar/different in our current national policies, practices and palliative institutions?  What could we learn from each other? What is needed to move from a service delivery model to a community development model in end of life care? We examined the use of creative and qualitative methods of research in end of life contexts and covered a range of collaborative possibilities including Symposiums, comparative research studies and publications. Watch this space!

You can view slides of the presentation given by Dr Julian Abel below. Of particular interest is the nationwide strategy of advance care planning and the end of life register that gives the whole health community access to a dying persons wishes.

Follow this link to an article in the British Medical Journal: Supportive and Palliative Care co-written by Julian Abel on mobilising communties to care for someone at the end of their life. Compassionate community networks: supporting home dying.

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